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a really good show, that many people can relate too. The sad thing it was cancelled after the third season. My life as a teenage robot has 3 seasons and 1 movie.
My life as a teenage robot is a good show. Jenny wakeman is my hero. Most of the nu-nicktoon shows are super gay
by asebak June 11, 2008
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My Life as a Teenage Robot was a Nickelodeon cartoon series that ran from August 1, 2003 to May 2, 2009. It had 40 episodes and ended in season 3. The concept first showed up Oh Yeah! Cartoons in 1999. This show was created by Rob Renzetti and the production companies include Nickelodeon and Frederator.

Ok, you can read more from wikipedia if you'd like, now for the fun stuff, the show itself!

To me, the show was very well done. I now watch the episodes off wichobot on or on Nicktoons station which I DVR. The animation is snazzy, yes I said snazzy, and the characters seem to have a lot to them once you get past the first couple episodes. Surprisingly, I do like the humor, which normally that kind of humor doesn't impress me, and I loved all the cool inventions they made for her. I heard the reason this show was cancelled was simply because they just didn't get episodes out there before they got the oppurtunity to develope a thick fan base.

Rob Renzetti was another reason I really appreciated the show. I don't know if a good amount of cartoon creators did this kind of thing, but he seemed to work his butt off for these episodes, if you look in the credits his name is in there a lot, and I really appreciate the hard work he put into his own show. Rob and Thurop Van Orman remain a role model for me.
For examples of My life as a Teenage Robot? I would watch "Unlicensed Flying Object" for good humor, in my opinon, other than that... "Return of Cluster Prime" Part 1 and Part 2 for just like good plot and action. You can find them by Googleing "Live Video Wichobot" and he should come up as the first search... or again, just by watching them on Nicktoons.
by Pooky1402 March 29, 2011
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A show about a robot is high school. This show is considered an underated. The show is pretty decent but gets really stupid.
My life as a teenage robot has the same story line always battling the enemy and winning. The show trys to be funny but it's stupid gay jokes
by s3b4k May 03, 2007
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the absolutely most retarded show nickeleodeon ever put on their shitty network. ok first how in the hell would there be a teenage robot?? second the only people that watch this abomination and atrocity against humanity that makes you actually dumber for watching, are insecure pregnant teenagers that smoke pot and end having retarded mutant babies that are addicted to crack.
nickeleodeon got sued by the U.N. for committing crimes against humanity by putting my life as a teenage robot on the air
by PlayDohMan October 18, 2004
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A Robot Jones rip-off. The show is pretty cool but it rips off Robot Jones.
by 13thirteen October 30, 2004
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