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3 definitions by arthur96792

1. When a girls nipples protrude from her tight top/ shirt.
2.An code word to alert yor friends that a girl with nice hooters and nipple protrution is comming by.
1. Wow...I can see some choclate chips on her.
2."Yo guys, Chocolate chips"
by arthur96792 July 28, 2008
12 5
1)One of the highest rank of bitch acquirable.
2)Bitching to the trillionth power.
3)Geting disciplined to the most extreme.
1.My co-worker is a terrabitch. She complains about everything.
2. My wife is such a terrabitch this morning.
3. My boss totally terrabitched me for calling off late.
by Arthur96792 July 28, 2008
8 4
1.(Fresh Off the Boat)aka: F.O.B.
2.A person who just immigrated to american soil.
Wow... the new kid has a strong accent. He mus be F.O.B..
2. My cousin from the phillipines is gonna live with us a few years. He is F.O.B., so be nice to him.
by arthur96792 July 28, 2008
20 36