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The "sitting-in-your-stomach" feeling you get after finishing a bowl/plate/disposable container of poutine. A regretful feeling of satisfaction.
"I shouldn't have had that poutine for dinner. I feel so poutinifull."
#poutine #fat #regret #full #sloshy
by arner2344 January 25, 2010
Another name for testicles. Inspired from the word badonkadonk, boydonkadonks are usually large in size however the term can be applied to any males' testicles - large or small.
Girl 1: This really hot guy was working out at the gym, but he needed more support.
Girl 2: What do you mean?
Girl 1: His boydonkadonks were bouncing.
#testicles #badonkadonk #balls #family jewels #boy-donkadonks
by arner2344 February 01, 2010
When someone becomes famous for being involved in a sexual scandal, i.e. affair with a politician, sex tape, being the other man/woman, selling self for money/advantage.
Ashley Dupre (Eliot Spitzer sex scandal), Michelle McGee (Jesse James' affair), and Any winner of Miss America pageant, especially in the past few years are all famous because of sexcess.
#scandal #sex #fame #affair #pointless
by arner2344 June 13, 2010
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