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An adjective used to describe a pair or pants or shorts that put your package on display.
I don't know man. Those sweatpants are crotchtacular. You may want to grab a larger size
by ariesjow July 28, 2005
A females inability to successfully urinate despite frequent trips to the toilet. This typically occurs after the comsumption of a large amount of drugs.

A similar phenomenom occurs in men called crack cock.
"I must have crack cunt. I sat on the toilet for ten minutes without pissing."
by ariesjow July 28, 2005
The unusually flaccid penis a male develops after the consumption of many drugs. This is typically accompanied by (1)frequent trips that the toilet that result in unsuccessful attempts to urinate and (2) inability to arrive at an erection despite being extraordinarily horny (see also blue balls)

A similar phenomenon occurs in females called crack cunt.
"I have crack cock so bad I stood at the urinal for five minutes and only pissed a single drop."
by ariesjow July 28, 2005
What those bitches really mean when they say they're bi. They just like sex.
"I don't consider myself bisexual. Can we just call me sexual?"
by ariesjow July 28, 2005
Spilling your beans nonstop to any and everyone who will listen. This especially applies when you're cracked out or tweaked on drugs and feel the need to share every random thought that crosses your mind.

See also chatty cathy.
"Dude, you totally have diarrhea of the mouth. You need to shut up for a bit."
by ariesjow July 28, 2005

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