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When one's shit acts like a prarie dog, fanatically poking it's head in and out of it's home expressing it's urge to be freed from the confines of it's hole, but only when it is safe.
(See movie Rat Race)
Dad! I've got to go so bad I'm prarie dogging it!
by argo 5 April 29, 2003
to produce excrement
(other slang:
Steam one out
Launch the submarine
Drop the kids off at the pool
Pinch a Loaf
move the bowels
stink it up
squat and grunt
revisit food post-digestion
feed mr. flushie
push one through
take a crap
make a shit storm
Clean the poop chute
roll a dirty burrito
making homemade sushi rolls
I'm about to explode. I gotta lay one down soon, to make room for dinner
by argo 5 April 29, 2003
1.noun the quality of being full of crap.
2.noun the fusion of crap and fantastic.
Damn! Kangaroo Jack was craptastic. That bitch Jerry Bruckheimer owes me 9 bucks!
by argo 5 April 29, 2003
adj amazingly good or pleasing.
That bitch sucked me dry; it was fantasgreat!
by argo 5 April 29, 2003
When, after the initial action of snowballing ( see snowball ), both partners--with remnants of cum in mouth--spit at eachother in a fight to hit the other.
An acceptable end is a bitch slap from one partner to the other.
Last night in the car was so fun. We fucked around, had a snowball fight, and then I slapped that bitch.
by argo 5 May 18, 2003
a vagina during the act of urination. Smelling of fish yet looking oh so golden.
When i walked in on Stacy in the bathroom i saw her nasty goldfish.
by argo 5 April 29, 2003
the opening of the urethra upon instantaneous commencement of urination. Most often female because the labia form resembles an eyelid and the pubes resemble funky lashes.
as she prepared to sit on my face, i thought all was weel and gooduntil i saw the dreaded golden eye!
by argo 5 April 29, 2003
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