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A mirrored selfie taken with vanity in a bathroom or restroom; either pre- or post flush.
Is that a flushie you just took with your smartphone?
Wait. I really have to take a flushie before going out tonight.
by GottaTakeAFlushie April 29, 2014
when a sewer system of a house 'regurgitates' old and used tampons
My girls house is so damn old that you can always expect to see flushies everytime you use the damn piss pot down stairs
by Elizabeth Jenkins April 06, 2004
a tampon cover with dried hard blood
Tom was disgusted by his girlfriends flushies, they were lying all over her room.
by Aryka April 04, 2003
A toilet
"How long are you going to be on the flushie?"
by Reefyburke May 25, 2016
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