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6 definitions by appsguy

There are 2 definitions:

1. A man who acts like "a woman" by demonstrating typically female characteristics.
2. A woman (i.e., a lesbian) who dresses like a man.
Elgin was acting so passive-aggressive and manipulative, he was being a real cunt in men's clothing.
Betty, the bull dyke, just stepped out of the Men's Wearhouse in a new wool suit, looking just like a cunt in men's clothing.
by Appsguy September 12, 2007
An event in which two women, usually lesbians, bump clams until they work up so much suction - like a couple of sucking blowfish - that it produces as much torque as a tractor pull at a county fair.
During a Sunday Clam Pull, Marlene and Sally bumped clams until they got stuck so bad it produced as much torque as a tractor pull at a county fair.
by appsguy July 11, 2008
1. A common phrase in the Phillipines.
2. A common form of intercourse in the Phillipines - which is why they say it a lot - in which a woman positions her cunt in front another's asshole which in turn shits into her cunt.
1. You, fucking shit. Why don't you wait 2 weeks like everyone else before invoicing me.
2. Two Filipino girls were lying on their sides on the floor with their vaginas pointed at the other's anus just fucking shit.
by appsguy April 07, 2008
What over-zealous psychotherapists, particularly psychodynamic, neo-Freudian practitioners (including A.K.Rice and Wilfred Bion group leaders) do to unsuspecting, naive, desperate, powerless students.
Tom McGuire was such a nasty group leader in psychological fist fucking his graduate students, as if it were some abusive hazing process.
by appsguy June 11, 2008
Literally a "little broken hand" referring to a limp-wristed man or male homosexual.
Marvin flamboyantly walked around like a limp-wristed manita quebrada.
by appsguy July 20, 2008
A German tampon or disposable cotton plug designed to be inserted into the vagina during menstruation to absorb the flow of blood.
Ennis was having an unusually heavy period. Fortunately, she had a generous supply of industrial strength bundeskork.
by appsguy June 21, 2008