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A bill passed by Congress making it illegal for depressed obese people, who want to blame everyone but themselves, to sue fast food chains claiming that the chains themselves caused their obesity
Obese people wanted someone to blame so they decided to sue the bastards. fast food chains got sick of this so Congress passed the Cheeseburger bill
by applealex February 18, 2010
A man who has eaten over 23,000 Big Macs

he's surprisingly skinny and somewhat healthy
Don Gorske is a true Big Mac enthusiast
by applealex February 18, 2010
What we told Japan to do but they refused so we nuked the shit out of them
President Truman: Japan better back the fuck up
Japan leader: fuck no
President Truman: ok then, boys prepare the atomic bomb
by applealex December 01, 2009
Basically a door frame that you walk through, it beeps if you have anything metallic on you.

while it is mainly used at airports and cruise terminals to stop people with guns and bombs, schools are now using it to stop students from bringing in iPods and phones

metal detectors are commonly accompanied by X-ray machines to scan your bags
Kid 1: Dude did you bring your iPod?
Kid 2: nah, I would've but the fucking metal detector beeped and they took it from me
by applealex November 15, 2009
MySpace was founded on 3 simple principles:

1. Skanky pictures of skanky people doing skanky things
2. crappy bands
3. profile pages you can customize into an incoherent garbled mess of flashing pictures and Jack Johnson videos
MySpace sucks ass
by applealex February 07, 2010
A quote by Jamie Hyneman on Mythbusters in the goldfish memory episode
Jaime: I think I'm just going to leave me *wraps cord* I'm gonna kick your goldfish ass
Adam: laughs
by applealex October 04, 2009
A 2 story mall in Modesto, CA that features stores like Sears, Macys, Vans, and of course an Apple Store
took me half an hour to find the bathrooms at Vintage Faire
by applealex September 26, 2009
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