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Penis Shaped
That anus is penicular.
by anus December 10, 2002
A fairly erotic shape. Highly suggestive.
My sexagon itches
by Anus June 02, 2003
dick; penis in the gujurati language
That man has no loro.
by Anus January 02, 2005
something that is as wonderful as the anus
that band was rockin crazy analtastic
by anus May 06, 2003
a phoot is a fart that comes nonshalontely out of our dog
the princess made a little phoot
by anus August 04, 2004
bitch ass senior who doesnt even have a permit or a girlfriend.
it fuckin sux ass 2 b james melvin
by anus January 11, 2005
In a skank-esque manner.
That ho straight dropped her panties skankingly.
by Anus August 29, 2003
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