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11 definitions by anthonyweaver

Sperm all over your socks or designated cum sock.
The crustyness was a result of the children of the socks.
by AnthonyWeaver March 29, 2006
When something is pleasurable and nice.
A good time.
Sweetness of circumstance.
it's time to get noyce!
That doob is really noyce man.
by AnthonyWeaver March 29, 2006
4 wheels, trucks and a deck made of wood. a.k.a. Skateboard
ride my plank to bowmanville
by AnthonyWeaver March 29, 2006
china boots are super hurtin black boots or shoes for clubbing.
chareacteristics include: one ridiculously oversized silver buckle on top.
I can't believe these are allowed to be worn and in someplaces are standard for dress code.
Look at those huge gay china boots.
Are you wearing your china boots tonight?
by AnthonyWeaver March 29, 2006
to run and throw your pelvis in the air, resembling a flying squirrell.
Usually directed at someone whether it be a best friend or fat-chick.
Donny Doozie did the craziest flying squirrell last night at the bar.
by AnthonyWeaver March 29, 2006
the twisted end of a ciggarette, previously used for rolling a joint.
Origin; Bowmanville or maybe Newcastle Ontario. very much the same place (seperated by a zoo)
can I smoke this beave?
do you have a beave I can use.
Use the beave, not a fresh one.
by AnthonyWeaver March 29, 2006
to snarf something is to eat it with great stoner like quality.
Snarf it down.
I'm gonna snarf this burger.
She snarfed my fries.
by AnthonyWeaver March 29, 2006