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A Lauterborn's Dog
Oh hey Loota... sit Loota.
by Anthony June 11, 2004
someone who will have sex with anything, mostly animals
otis is a twate, he fucked my guinea pig in the ass
by Anthony February 12, 2003
- A bike used in mexico for 100 years later to be spray painted black in Canada.

- Also one of the three holy unity's between Blacks and Mexicans. El Nigro, Fried Chicken and Stealing cars.
"Random Black : Woa shit nig did dat chicken head just hop up all ova el nigro? Random Mexican : Mang, grande burrito el nigro!"
by Anthony June 04, 2006
Slightly derogatory, vulgar term of abuse used among close friends.
Brian, did you spill the bong again? What a cunt trout!
by Anthony January 30, 2004
An expression of sympathy
guy#1:somones in the bedroom with corey.
guy#2:who's corey?
guy#1:my date.
by Anthony January 21, 2004
A word used to describe an untolerable hatred for something or someone. Used in school to replace words like shit, fuck, ass, cock, dick, penis, clit, cunt, fucker, and well dirtfucker.
Oh no I dropped my art project! DIRTWHORE!
by Anthony April 19, 2005
To experience sexual intercourse with a hoe.
Damn, Mike's gonna lift a hoe tonight brotha.
by Anthony November 29, 2004

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