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(verb) A con maneuver where a prostitute promises to fulfill your dreams, gets paid up front, then gives you a quicky and/or makes you come as fast as possible to increase the turn around time.
Origin: From, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", a 1968 family musical about a magical car that had the power to make dreams come true
I called the escort service with great expectations, but got a shitty shitty bang bang instead.
by Antenna Wilde February 21, 2008
Originally coined by Aerosmith, from the song, "Walk this Way" 1975.
You ain't seen nothin' till you're down on the muffin'
by Antenna Wilde February 15, 2008
Pussy hair that is coarse, like a brillo taco or a brillo pad, and usually leaving brillo burns on the man's stomach and/or rod, which would be rod rash.
Pussy brillo can rub a man raw.
by Antenna Wilde February 19, 2008
When a girl saddles her beef curtains around a schlong and slides from tip to ball sac, then back again before meat handling the head and taking the high hard one all the way home.
She always takes her time when she's snailing the banister.
by Antenna Wilde February 19, 2008
(noun) A clenched anus, or puckered starfish, but also referring to a particularly nice bottom encompassing it.
I guess he's an ass jockey, 'cause he never sweats a fudge pickle when he sees a puckered dumpling.
by Antenna Wilde February 19, 2008
(noun) (coined by Antenna Wilde)
1. A woman with a very small vagina. 2. A very small woman. 3. A very small woman with an even smaller vagina. 4. A young and promiscuous girl. 5. Possible jail bait.
I'd take smurf muffin over meat schlop any day.
by Antenna Wilde February 14, 2008
(noun) When a lover dumps a Cleveland steamer on the other lover's head, usually by request.
Come on baby, give me shit helmet.
by Antenna Wilde February 14, 2008
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