68 definitions by ant

To shove ones fisted hand into another's Billy Ocean or Assho'.
Susan got fisted by her lover Jessica last night. It was DA ILL NANA.
by Ant January 23, 2005
A dark,scary,hairy cave.
Batman's lair is shaped just like an asshole.
by ant June 09, 2004
to fornicate (in the gerund), fucking (verb only)
We wuz poodlefaking on the sofa when my bad ass little sister barged in.
by Ant July 17, 2003
a commonly used word...originally from the 80's
a nun squatting down in a cucumber field
by Ant April 12, 2005
The genitile area of the male anatomy, also known as balls, nads etc.
Kick him right in the Ozarks...
by Ant April 22, 2004
Inept computer user, inexperienced computer user
that water buffalo hits cntrl alt del to start their computer
by ant September 14, 2004
420 crew reppin'
420 holla
by ant March 09, 2003
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