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The Ass Blocker 3000 is the third generation of the Ass Blocker tools, used to thwart off Bubbas, or 7ft tall homosexuals who will do anything to fill you ass with their cum.

The Ass Blocker 3000 impliments a new fully functional 360 degrees protection system run by the Gyro Gorge software to block all penetration from your anus, keeping you happy and un-raped.

The Ass Blocker 3000 will hit stores and prisons in Q4 2008.
The Ass Blocker 3000 totally saved my life man, the Bubba didn't know what he had coming.

Dude, without the Ass Blocker 3000, I'd be shitting cum right now.
by anoyomous69 June 13, 2008
The new slang term for tit or nipples.

Refers to the normal pinkish color of the tit, and the innuendo of chewing or sucking on a tit.
I was totally giving her a Pink Chewy.

Man, her Pink Chewys were bigger than Uncle Sam's nipples.
by anoyomous69 June 13, 2008
Grandma is a slang, white term for nigger.

The word has remain underground and unknown for quite some time but is arising to the surface.
Dude, that Grandma is stealing my car!
by anoyomous69 June 13, 2008

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