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CPCP is an acronym for, Crumpled Paper Communication Protocol. This protocol is an inner office communication in which the sender writes a message on a piece of paper, crumples the paper up, and throws it over the shoulder of the intended reciever.
I cpcp'd you the email address cause you had your headphones on and were not listening.
by anothertool August 06, 2007
Walking around like your are the bee's knees with or without sustainable proof.
JG is badassing around like he doesn't lock his keys in his car on a regular basis.
by anothertool October 08, 2008
Also referred to as non-linear development, chaos development is a concept explaining that it is possible to get random results from normal developers, and indeed situations. The main precept behind this theory is the underlying notion of small occurrences significantly affecting the outcomes of seemingly unrelated events.
"Our company uses the chaos theory of development in it's software life cycle. We believe in reinventing the wheel, because our management team is just smarter than the caveman that first invented it."
by anothertool October 09, 2007
A fuzzy but accurate (to the best of your knowledge) list of bars one has attended in their life.
I was going through the barchives but for the life of me do not remember getting thrown out of this place!
by anothertool April 15, 2010
Anything that is not necessarily technological that Apple uses to get you to buy a mac.
The glass staircase at the Mac Store in Chicago is just a macphrodisiac to get people to spend more money.
by anothertool December 24, 2008
OACP PSR (pronounced Oak Pisser) is an acronym for `Old Ass Crusty Punk Pop Synth Rock`, and generically refers to any music fitting into the generic definition schema.
"Dude I'm rocking the 'Pop Will Eat Itself'!"

"Yea man PWEI are Oacp psr supreme!"
by anothertool April 30, 2008
As with most office slang, the term "Red Arrow" can mean almost anything you want and fluctuates within the context that it is used. Generally speaking it means to redirect something as an avoidance of taking on a task, but has also been used in terms of a rushed job that requires immediate attention.
"I don't feel like dealing with all this paper work, I'm gonna go ahead and Red Arrow this over to someone else so I can make happy hour."
"This was supposed to be dealt with yesterday, you better Red Arrow this over to marketing ASAP!"
by anothertool August 07, 2007
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