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21 definitions by anonymus bosch

In a vast cubicle office environment, when one stands up in one's own cube and looks along the tops of the many cube walls stretching out to the horizon. The cube horizon can be interrupted by the heads of people walking around. And by many heads at once if there is a loud, unexplained noise in the area. This can result in a phenomenom called prairie-dogging: many people stand up and look around like prairie dogs coming out of their holes.

I first came across "cube horizon" in James Hynes' novel "Kings of Infinite Space."
Having decided to sneak out early, Manfred casually stood up and surveyed the cube horizon for those that might spot him.
by Anonymus Bosch June 30, 2006
IT slang: to reboot a computer. (Bounce = reboot, box = computer). It sounds dirty, so we like saying it.
Carla locked out her account again, so I reset her password and told her to bounce her box.

("bounce a box" -- engine won't let me submit this without exactly the same grammar... please edit this sentence out when approved--thanks!)
by Anonymus Bosch June 20, 2006
A person that automatically does things without thinking about them.
That oblividroid just went ahead and processed the request without even noticing how absurd it was!
by Anonymus Bosch November 17, 2005
To phone or email your place of work with an obvious fabrication, saying you can't come in.
Hey, Manfred called in slack. He said his garage burned down again ...I heard empty beer cans knocked over in the background while he mumbled.
by Anonymus Bosch June 28, 2006
Used to describe someone (typically a male) who has apparently completed a sexual conquest. Derived from the original Star Trek televison series in which, on several occasions, Captain Kirk obviously bedded the hot woman who is never seen again. ...Alien chick in 60s go-go/hippy fashion apparel primping while Kirk pulls his Star-Fleet-issue black leather boots on.
A smarmy, smug man walks out of bedroom at a loud party. "Observe! Manfed has just put his boots on! Matilida will be out shortly!"
by Anonymus Bosch May 14, 2008
To front money you don't expect to get back, refunded, or applied to future expenses (as in pulling cash out of your pocket).
I wanted to get that fish-food service, but I had to come up with $45 out-of-pocket.
by Anonymus Bosch June 20, 2006
A ruse, ploy, or tall-tale. Bullshit.
John went to the self-help seminar, but it turned out to be more religious hokem.
by Anonymus Bosch October 04, 2005