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The Wilmington High School, situated in the close-knit suburban town of Wilmington, Massachusetts, is the epitome of an average high school, akin to those surrounding it. WHS prefers to concern itself primarily with sports and school spirit, which is offered and gleefuly devoured by the student body. You'll find that many students don't have much else to do, with the exception of praising football jocks who will likely wind up being overpaid, steroid-ridden athletes or simply asking you "Paper or plastic?". The Wilmington High School also contains your run of the mill stoners and "wiggers". My reasoning is that perhaps the white students stealing this urban culture is purely to make up for the absolute lack of anything urban; anybody African-American, for that matter. You also have your handful of the common "goths", "preppy kids", "punks", "emo kids", etc. Nothing out of the ordinary.
In fact, Wilmington High School is nothing inordinary. There's a probability you'll find high schools similar to this one across the United States.
Rick: "Hey, I'm a dipshit from Wilmington High School. GO WILDCATS!!!!!!!!!!!"
Rick: "I want fellatio."
by anonymous April 16, 2005
A store, which sells a lot of poser stuff. But they do sell some cool band t-shirts, and CDs. I like it, but they need to get rid of the fucking poser shit. As in things for the 11 yr old girls who think they are so punk/goth.
Keep the Misfits stuff.
Burn the Good Charlotte stuff.
by Anonymous October 12, 2004
1. (n) A poop that sneaks out of one's butt by disguising itself as gas.
2. (n) A poop in farts' clothing.
3. (n) A Hershey squirt
Alfred thought he was about to pass gas but much to his chagrin he accidentally released some fecal matter; he was mortified by his trojan fart.
by anonymous January 20, 2004
awesome movie about drugs & pain
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
Sexually Appealing
Damn, she has some luscious hair!
by Anonymous September 30, 2003
An extremely good looking 6 foot 6 lead singer of a gothic band with a freakishly HUGE PENIS.
I wish I were like Peter Steele
by Anonymous September 30, 2003

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