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a male cheerleader wether they are gay or not
hot chicks dont go for queerleaders
by reebee September 15, 2006
Its a lesbian cheerleader. Instead the cheer before leader it's queer before leader. Which equals QUEER LEADER.
Bianca- Can you believe I made the squad?
Poppy- No, I didn't know they let lesbians on the team.
Biance- Who cares.
Poppy- Now people are going to call you "queer leader."
Random Kids- Hahahaha "Queer Leader."
by tacogymnast July 19, 2012
A queerleader is a male cheerleader who stirs up the male fans' enthusiasm with stroking, sucking and ass drilling.
When Rick saw the queerleaders heading for his section of the stands, he ran.

Behind him he heard moaning, slurping, and cheers.
by scodder April 30, 2010
1. Someone stupid, pathetic, or otherwise sets a bad example, hence a "queerleader"

2. A wierd cheerleader (does not have to be male)
1. All of the cheerleaders at Charlotte High School are queerleaders.

2. Not all cheerleaders in this world are bad, but those at CHS are total queerleaders.
by NJROTC person November 29, 2009
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