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the condition a female's ass is left in after intense anal sex
aladdin gave princess jasmine camel rectum after their magic carpet ride.
by anonymous ass March 25, 2003
the strong resistance felt in the penis when trying to urinate after mastrabation.
the moans and groans coming from the bathroom was just victor, who was going through a bit of russian tetherball.
by anonymous ass March 25, 2003
the act of getting a boner in T minus 16 seconds
Jimmy got sent to the Dean of Students' Office because he had rocket cock during his English test.
by anonymous ass March 25, 2003
The act of giving a senior citizen a swift kick to the groin.
Billy: "Old Man McGreggor almost caught me running through his petunias yesterday."

Jose: "Oh my goodness, what did you do?!"

Billy: "I gave him a little taste of Grandma's Grape Jam, and ran away as fast as I could."
by anonymous ass March 25, 2003
The act when one's penis swells to the color of a bold bright orange, mainly after getting slammed in between two doors, or other acts of such.
Mrs. Smith: "Dr. Johnson, my son keeps complaining that he can't take a piss."

Dr. Johnson: "Mrs. Smith, that is because it appears your son has a very mean case of carrot cock."
by anonymous ass March 25, 2003
the emergency surgery necessary when removing a non-chewable foot item that is lodged in the throat.
Mrs. Moyles had to go through intense edible enrichment after getting the apple core stuck in her throat.
by anonymous ass March 25, 2003
The result of performing the act of inserting the glans penis into an electrical socket.
Jane: "Hey, why couldn't LeRoy come out and play ball with us today?"

Joseph: "He's stuck on the couch for a few days, I heard he has killer cock spasms."
by anonymous ass March 25, 2003
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