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Shooting a fadeaway in Basketball. You can say it when you do the fadeaway.
Nick went up for a fadeaway and he said "KOBBEE!!!".
by anony23 April 29, 2009
a fat woman sucking a guys dick & another guy fucking her backdoor at the same time.
queen latifah likes to do a pork roast.
by anony23 April 27, 2009
a person rejecting or owning someone in any kind of battle.
Michael shaqqed John in battleship by a long way.
by anony23 April 29, 2009
the finger you use for spin bowling in the sport cricket. also the finger you use to finger fuck your mrs.
shane warne has a great spinning finger when he bowls legspin. he also uses that finger to fuck his mrs.
by anony23 April 27, 2009
When a man's warm cum droops on the lady's face, vagina or tits.
I put some melted butter on my wife last night.
by anony23 April 28, 2009
The basketballer who takes all the game winning shots.
Ray Allen goes for the 3 and he got it. He has done that so many times, he is Jesus.
by anony23 April 29, 2009
when a man has fucked woman very well and has finished her orgy before the man. the man then masturbates till he cums & puts the finishing touches on the woman's pussy.
my wife was satisfied but i had to put the icing on the cake.
by anony23 April 28, 2009

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