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a small sample of the world that it gives u a false sense of unlovingnesss
everybody at friends academy s me.
by anonoymous April 19, 2005
a phrase used to describe a plonker in ex-yugoslav language
jolledude1: i messed up my xp instalation somehow
dude2: u vuna !

jolledude1: someone just hacked my pc and I think that person deleted all my p0rn !
dude2: u vunaaaaa !
by anonoymous December 24, 2004
music that is commenly used a punk rock with dumb ass bands such as simple plan or avril lavigne this is not true many local bands keep it alive it is a way of thinking not dressing or "jumping up and down alot"
blah123: these jeans are so punk rock
blah123: i cant wait for the concert i will jump up and down to the beat
me: you suck at life. you are not punk rock eat shit and die
by anonoymous May 05, 2004
when girls all put on different color lipsticks such as red orange yellow green blue and purple rainbow colors and take turns giving a guy head so it looks like a rainbow on his dick
Billy almost got a rainbow kiss last night from that group of girls.
by anonoymous May 14, 2004
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