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A dude that is only looking for a place to put his nut.
"Baby don't go to the party, the only thing your going to see is squirells"
"Man I feel like a squirell going to this foam party"
by Dryder September 14, 2008
pussy, usually a young girls vagina.
you stealin on my squirell nigga?!?!, i need some fuckin squirell dude.
well about that party, is there gonna be squirell or should i bring the wife?
by T.MooN January 27, 2008
A word originated from cave creek az by the brea group, referd to as either an insult, common nickname, and or pretaining to a form of odness.
dude tom theyer is a duche bag, ya he is such a a squirell.
by cavecreekrecker March 31, 2011
Another word for clog or "poop."
"There is a squirell in the toilet!"
by JLab May 21, 2008
A slang term for a female rower from New Zealand who displays no capacity for rational though apart from thinking about nuts. Often used to describe novice athletes when they make very basic mistakes.
Look at the crew full of squirell's who have sunk their boat.
by MT!!! January 09, 2008
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