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The wrong way to spell hentai
It's wrong I tell you!
by anime_kisekae June 30, 2004
A web site that hosts many European designers. Is based in Italy. They have a few Asian designers, like Yo! Japan!, but most of it 9is French or Italian.
I got my cool aqua-marine pants at yoox.com.
by anime_kisekae January 29, 2005
Kiss dolls. Electronic dress up dolls that can be very adult.
Lizzila is so very adult
Kisekae is also called kiss dolls
by anime_kisekae June 09, 2004
1)To have sexual feelings towards the same sex, and only the same sex
2)To be cheerful, something good happens, colourful
3)Used by hetreosexuals towards one another as an insult
1) Suzy was in love with Sarah
2) We had a gay old time at that party.
3) Dude, that was, like, so, like, totally, like, gay!
by anime_kisekae June 28, 2004
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