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An incredible desire to go to Disneyland. A desire which overcomes all other logical thought and can only be satisfied by going to Disneyland/world.
I am so disneyhorny that I can't focus on my finals.

She must be way disneyhorny because she keeps drawing mickey mouse ears everywhere she goes.
by Angstd April 14, 2009
Ones collection/portfolio of girl's phone numbers. One's hofolio is often stored on their cellular phone.
"Who should we hang out with tonight? You should check your hofolio to see who is available."
by Angstd May 16, 2008
When someone is so Disneyhorny that it becomes noticeable. If the person has too big of Disney Boner it can become embarrassing, since they should probably not love Disneyland as an adult.
I have the biggest Disney Boner right now. I hope no one sees it.
by angstd April 17, 2009
Something that is so hilarious that it is the climax of possible humor
Some friends and I just had a humor orgasm when we saw that pic.
by Angstd June 25, 2008
A girl with the potential to become fat. She might not necessarily become fat, but this may only be avoided by exercising a dedicated effort to avoid as such.
I was going to take her out, but she has major fattential and I don't want to end up with a fat chick.
by angstd April 17, 2009
Embracing the lifestyle of a fat people
Even though she was skinny at the time, I could tell she was starting to embrace fattism as she plunged her face into her second scoop of ice cream
by angstd April 17, 2009
Panda Express

An acronym for Kentucky Fried Panda - The term comes from a couple episodes of the Simpsons where it is the equivalent of Panda Express.
I'm gonna head on over to kfp and get some lunch
by angstd June 13, 2011
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