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a round plastic container used for collecting the clothes that has to be washed or sent to the laundry service
jack. when you take off your pants, don't leave them rolling all over the room. please put them into the chinese tank so that i can see them when doing the laundry.
by anglocolombiano86 January 02, 2010
when you go on vacation and take your laptop with you, but you try to connect to messenger or chec your email and you can't do it because you find that there's no internet connection in the place you're visiting.
frank: hey jane! i've been sending you a lot of emails but i still haven't gotten an answer! jane: sorry. i had a forced internet vacation problem. when i arrived in my town for vacation, i tried to check my email but i couldn't open it because there wasn't any internet connection there.
by anglocolombiano86 January 09, 2010

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