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A curious phenomenon whereby an individual will find themselves (in) a job or profession, involving activities and duties contrary to their personalities and preferences - such as a hotelier who has no liking or even patience for people.
My kid's teacher seems to hate children! Fawlty Syndrome, who could explain it?
by Andy Sword February 16, 2011
a vulgar name for the vulva, alluding to its similarity to a whoopie pie cake turned on its side.

Refers only to pretty vulvas - others resemble less visually appealing foodstuffs, such as clams, burgers or sloppy joes.
My new chick Lynsey has a real pretty pussy, like a whoopie pie - my ex's looked more like a fuckin' kebab...
by Andy Sword February 01, 2011
Deserving an Academy Award. Obviously can apply to a Hollywood movie performance; but more fun when attributed to everyday malingering.
I was supposed to work this entire weekend, but I made an Oscarworthy job of convincing the boss that I'm suffering from exhaustion!
by Andy Sword January 10, 2009
A pathological state of free-floating anger, the afflicted individual never far from seeing red, i.e. losing his/her temper.
Schoolkid #1: "Uh-oh, Mr Lee looks like he's seeing red!"

Schoolkid #2: "Meh... that old bastard is permanently seeing pink, don't take much to set him off..."
by Andy Sword May 20, 2011
A metaphysical window to something or somewhere wonderful or wondrous. The sort of thing you might find described in supernatural themed novels or in the conversation of stoners.
I dunno what the hell ya dropped in my drink, but I floated through a wondow and didn't wanna come back!
by Andy Sword November 05, 2010
A corruption of the colloquial nonword adjective 'bastarding,' commonly used by one in the throes of a sudden effusive rage.

Most frequently pronounced without the g, i.e. basterin'.
How many fucking times do I have to trip over that cunting rug before someone MOVES the bastering thing?!?
by Andy Sword October 09, 2009
A sickeningly sentimental and exclusive too-close friendship 'twixt two adult females.
Jeez, Deborah and Lisa's pukey we-hate-men hoe-mance makes my teeth itch!
by Andy Sword June 21, 2016
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