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Any pair of women's pants that are "uncool" because they look like something your mom or grandma would wear. This often includes "relaxed fit" jeans, jeans that taper down to the ankles, anything in a old-school floral pattern, anything TOO stretchy, etc.

1) I was wearing granny pants and some girl teased me in the hallway.
by andriod5 January 13, 2006
An awesome comic strip drawn by artist Tom Tommorow that satirizes our government and other political aspects of life in the U.S.A. He uses characters drawn in a 50's style to poke fun at life today in... you guessed it, the modern world. It's published in a number of altie newspapers and online. (see www.thismodernworld.com for more info.)
"Yeah, I was reading This Modern World and it was awesome how they said Condoleeza Rice was really an alien! If only it were true..."
by andriod5 September 13, 2005
A newspaper or magazine that is a smaller alternative to more mainstream, "credible" papers. It's often local, providing inside dirt on things going on in a particular city or area. Sometimes, such as in the case of The Onion, it's published online (however, the Onion is satire as opposed to an actual news source). Some things reported in these papers are not taken seriously, but they often cover important stories bigger papers won't touch. Often liberal in nature, they will also often publish some awesome comics such as Tom Tommorow's "This Modern World" or Derf's "The City." However, these papers, are not meant for a family audience. While usually free, they pay for this by running a lot of sex ads and other inappropriate stuff.
"I wanted to find out about some local bands and read "The City", so I got a free copy of my local altie newspaper."
by andriod5 September 13, 2005
According to some people, what you sometimes see when you're drunk. (can neither be denied nor confirmed as it's always somebody's friend's friend or relative.)
In the movie Dumbo, there's a scene where Dumbo accidentally get's drunk and see's purple elephants.
"Seriously, man, my uncle, he got real drunk one New Year's and he says he saw purple elephants."
by andriod5 August 29, 2005
1) (archaic use) an animal of any sort, usually a large one.
2)A person who is really good at something.
3) A person who is really ripped; muscular; athletic in a particular area, espcially one that requires muscular strength; etc. (usually male)
3) A female who's tall, muscular, and really good at some sort of athletic activity, usually a violent, rough, or just really hard one.
1) "the beasts of the field"
2) "Andy is such a beast at ping pong."
3) "Man, Andy's a beast."
4) "Cindy plays field hockey, lacrosse, and football. Dang, she's such a beast!"
by andriod5 March 29, 2006
An adjective meaning cool or awesome.
(usually used in a silly, semi-serious manner)
"This class is boppin'!"

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm having a boppin' day!

by andriod5 September 27, 2005
1) what people call the big city closest to them
2) what people who live out in the country call any large town
3) A comic strip drawn by cartoonist Derf, which makes fun of the state of affairs in Cleveland, OH (AKA The City), and in the United States in general. Run mostly in altie newspapers.
1) I'm five miles outside of the city.
2) Yeah, I'm going to the city this weekend. Y'all coming?
3) I read The City this week and it rocked.
by andriod5 October 06, 2005

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