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A sport and art, started in the 1980s in France by bored teenagers, where a person vaults, climbs, and does acrobatic stunts off of objects in their path instead of merely running around them.
The newspaper recently ran an article about a guy who does free running.
by andriod5 October 04, 2005
A shadowy group of mothers opposed to "hard rock" music. So far they have targeted popular post-hardcore/screamo/emo/whatever you want to define them as bands My Chemical Romance and the Used. This is considered by many an attack on the 1st Amendment right to free speech and a petition started on the internet as a protest to this has gained over 4,000 signatures so far. This group (MAHR) appears to have no known website (at least a Yahoo search turned up nothing) and little appears to be known about it at this time except that they are trying to ban bands that many people love.
I signed a petition against Mothers Against Hard Rock because MCR is cool and I hate censorship.
by andriod5 October 06, 2005
Another name for someone who selflessly helps others.
This term originates from the parable told by Jesus in the Bible about a Samaritan (a man from a country called Samaria) who helps out a Jewish man who is ambushed by theives and left to die. This was all the more selfless of an act considering that the Jewish and Samaritan people in those times usually did not associate with each other. This story was told in response to a question concerning the scriptural mandate to "love thy neighbor as thyself". According to the story, a man asked "Who is my neighbor?" and the moral of the parable is that everyone is really your neighbor (meaning you should help anyone you see in need).
Today a Good Samaritan is usually someone who goes out on a limb to help others, even if they are complete strangers.
Ex. An anonymous good Samaritan rescued a child from the river yesterday, but left the area before he could be thanked.
by andriod5 October 04, 2005
1)*predominant usage of the word* Contact lenses, AKA small pieces of plastic (which these days are usually pretty soft, as compared to the older, stiffer "hard" contacts) which are basically stuck on your eyeball as a replacement for glasses. They have grown in popularity in the last several years, to the point where many people have them because they
a)find them better than glasses
or b)think they'll look cooler without their glasses.
Watching people put in contacts is rather gross, and some people will tell you they hurt a lot or aren't worth all the trouble they cause. But many others love having contacts and would never go back to wearing glasses.
2) people you contact for information (similar to sources)
1) My friend just got contacts cause he was sick of his glasses.
2) My contacts within the agency told me that the president was planning to unleash a new program soon.
by andriod5 September 20, 2005
A group of very dedicated people who work tirelessly to help assist high school marching bands. These are usually parents of current or sometimes former band members, and they will often assist in all kinds of band-related activities, from helping with band camps to loading instruments on busses and selling concessions. They can also be found involved in fundraisers and trying to make sure their kid actually sells some band candy this year. Also sometimes known as band boosters, these individuals are often instrumental (no pun intended) to keeping a high school band on its feet.
The band parents helped unload the instrument bus, then they made sure all the band uniforms had been put back correctly. Finally, at 11:30 at night, they went home.
by andriod5 September 24, 2005
One of those kids you usually see in middle and high schools (the age when people start to assert their individuality) who are awesome at art, take as many art classes as they can, and are constantly drawing, painting, or photographing something. They often may be drawing on themselves or their belongings with sharpie marker.
Many also are highlly individualistic and may choose to die their hair interesting colors, cut it it strange ways, or dress in a rather offbeat manner. Many also started various trends (such as wearing Converse shoes) before they became mainstream.
Some are into theater or the performing arts. They are sort of a high school version of bohemians. (meant in the nonconformist sense of the word)

NOTE: (not at all to be confused with emo kids, as this is a totally different idea, though some art kids are emo and some emo kids are artsy in nature.)
Ex. I joined the school newspaper and there were a lot of art kids there. Some of them are pretty cool.
by andriod5 August 28, 2005
A song by the vocal group Peter, Paul, and Mary from the 1960s. Widely believed to be about smoking marijuana, sources claim it was really just meant to be a song about a magic dragon.
Either way, it became imprinted in the minds of many little kids sitting around campfires.
Ex. "I was in the mall and I heard this little kid singing "Puff the Magic Dragon" over and over again... man was it annoying!"
by andriod5 July 31, 2005

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