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100 million times better than the clarinet. Looks like a saxaphone, but better. A heavy instrument that requires harness or neckstrap. reletive of the clarinet.
boy 1: i play the bass clarinet
boy 2:i play the clarinet
boy 1:your'e gay
by andrew August 10, 2004
In theatre, the side or sides of the set facing the audience that have no physical reality. The audience and actors aknowledge this deliniation as a convention of theatre, unless the director chooses to "break" the fourth wall.
An actor making eye contact with the audience is breaking the fourth wall.
by Andrew January 19, 2005
Australian: Someone who receives unemployment benefits (the dole) from the government but are too lazy to look for work.
Harry had to do work for the dole because Centrelink thought he was a dole bludger.
by Andrew May 13, 2004
Hey kids, Suburbia ain't that bad. Be thankful for the roof over your head, you whiny tools, or move to Somalia or something.
Look at those angst-ridden brats go on and on about how they hate their comfortable lives in Suburbia just because some weedy little emo thug on MTV told them to.
by Andrew June 19, 2006
1. Master of time and space.
2. An expert at insanity.
3. Bringer of doom ... and pie. LOTS of pie.
It's like if a witch, clown, samurai and a priest had an orgy.
by Andrew November 25, 2004
a sexy beast. owns everybody else in counter-strike. nobody can handle him in bed, he is just a monster.
Man i wish i was a quang
by Andrew September 09, 2004
Nickname for guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani, one of the greatest guitarists to have ever walked the Earth.
"Hey, man, I was just listening to Satch; he rocks my socks off!"
by Andrew December 29, 2003

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