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576 definitions by andrew

a sexy beast. owns everybody else in counter-strike. nobody can handle him in bed, he is just a monster.
Man i wish i was a quang
by Andrew September 09, 2004
1. Master of time and space.
2. An expert at insanity.
3. Bringer of doom ... and pie. LOTS of pie.
It's like if a witch, clown, samurai and a priest had an orgy.
by Andrew November 25, 2004
Whilst having sex with a woman (doggystyle), a small peice of bacon is tied to a string and swallowed by the girl, then just as the man ejaculates he pulls the string and the bacon comes out of the womans mouth makin her gag and tense up increasing pleasure for the man.
man: oh yeah! oh (pulls string)
Woman: choke, gag! tense
man: wow!
by Andrew July 19, 2004
Acronym for "Problem in chair. Not in computer.". Used by Sysadmins to covertly describe user error to each other. Some snickering usually involved.
Joe's computer crashes at random intervals all day. It's obviously PICNIC.
by Andrew July 02, 2004
When one farts and shit comes out too. Often reffered to as a wet fart.
I have to go and change my boxers. I just sharted!

I just sharted in my friends soup and he ate it!
by Andrew March 23, 2005
1. to be very drunk
2. to be very angry
1. man, i was pissed outta my mind last night
2. im pissed like urine, he stole my fish!
by Andrew April 30, 2005
Slickest part of Vancouver. Dope style, good hip-hop, just laid back.
"Let's leave the BMWs and Jags and head back home to East Van."
by Andrew February 26, 2005