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6 definitions by and1

to proceed to lick or bite a persons neck; once u give or recieve it, u can stack up on points.
she wanted 2 give me the bop but i said not b4 i give u the villagence, after that i had 100 points.
by and1 April 18, 2005
2 5
evry wednseday u gotta wear a FRESH ass white T
on wed. dat nigga drew's T was so fresh i got blinded my dat shit
by and1 April 20, 2005
8 19
stick em up band. moe-singer,drew, cornel,peter-keys, twan-lead mike, tori-hype man, darios-congos, twan tombalis, snoop-rapper
that nigga drew is lead keyboard 4 SUB
by and1 April 20, 2005
2 20
those wet ass shades dat u can see ur reflection in
u see dat nigga drew, he got dem hata blockas on
by and1 April 20, 2005
39 59
a bama ass nigga that has no friends and cant dress
look at him that nigga is an offbrand like shit hahah
by and1 April 16, 2005
13 35
what u say sometimes to end ur sentence while fryin sumeone
u ugly ass bitch I told ur ass not 2 click here so now ima fry da shit out of u. u old flabby neck tight chin wide foot ass nigga. u lil %n in da face ass bitch. u lil slum ass i dont brush my teeth so my breath smells like piss in da snow head ass. im bout 2 keep fryin u till u leave this link u ugly ass monster. dats y u be scrapin gum off da sidewalk with ur front teeth and ur eyebrows connct like legos. u smell like 2 jamican opossums havin sex under a leaf in da hot ass sun. y didny u leave yet u slum ass wet neck get wit. iight im done. I fried u get da fuck off my page. iight holla 4 a dolla fuck 4 a buck and do sumthin freaky thangz for a lil change you just got fried
by and1 April 20, 2005
284 316