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villagence is an unseen power transmitted from a male to a female, usuakly through sex hikkies and or kissing. after recieved from a male it is believed that that female may pass it on to the male she recieved it from also that if another male tried to give that female villagence the other guys villagence will wear off a-sap.
bubbles- man my man gave me dat ILL (good) villagence ast night

baby birl- shit look at my neck look at all of dat villagence

vic-i gota gogive my girl some more villagence
by bubbles da great April 26, 2005
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the act of an1 and his 4rends being dumbasses about a word that they heard awhile back.
my nigga drew has villagence, beacause he is being an ass and making up new definitions to words.
by bubbles da great April 19, 2005
1. Watchfullness in respect of a community, neighborhood, village. As in, "it takes a village...." 2. The act of being villagent.
Your villagence will keep this neighborhood safe.
by Emily October 21, 2003
to proceed to lick or bite a persons neck; once u give or recieve it, u can stack up on points.
she wanted 2 give me the bop but i said not b4 i give u the villagence, after that i had 100 points.
by and1 April 18, 2005

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