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Another one from the big one "JT". Meaning beautiful full of grace. Jane Teevan has came up with a few in her time but this is the best. Credit given where credit is due.
She also has a varation on this one
Oh Harry they snowmen and reindeers make ma tree look awfy nancypretiful.
by amydingleberry August 20, 2006
my self, think its a yorkshire term, also used in stoke
Ive shit me sen.. or ive defocated in my underwear.

or also pooed my pants
by amydingleberry August 05, 2006
menk means a person of limited intelligence.
"what the fuck are yer doin' that for yer fuckin menk!!"
"stop behaving like a menk"
by amydingleberry August 05, 2006
a sloppy turd, a fecie of soft and pliable texture, often smelly and more punjent than its harder cousin the turd.
Ive just done a cacka in me pants.
by amydingleberry August 10, 2006
A series of words arranged to make the best ever cry of anguish. It is pronounced as follows
Holy Lumpin Lamentable Fuck

This originates from Scotland coming from the most feared woman in all Scottish history. The great Jane Teevan.
"Hey Janie, Barrys eatin all your cheesey pasta"

"He's done whiiit. NO no no HOLYLUMPINLAMENTABLEFUCK I am gonnie fuckin brain the fat bastart.Baaaaarrrryyy c'mere ya stupid fuckin prrick."
by amydingleberry August 20, 2006
Indescribable cuteness. Derived from the endering term 'chicken' or chick. Used for a ded cute person or action.
AWW the nicken is dead nickeny.
by amydingleberry August 20, 2006
A sloppy undefined turd which is not quite solid yet not quite liquid. These often occur after eating curry and they are very difficult to wipe from the anal area. At least half a toilet roll is needed to remove it and in some extreme cases even baby wipes are recommended to avoid the transfer of skiddage to underwear.
Mum!!!! Ive done a derge!!! You'll need to bring me even more bogroll!!!!
by amydingleberry August 11, 2006

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