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Promotional cardboard stand-up of Chad Knaus. It's design is to accommodate a the edge of a doorway or display stand so that Chad appears to be peaking out from behind it. Many have been signed for fans and used as prizes for promotional contests.
I went to Lowe's for some supplies and what did I see but Half-Chad peeking around the corner!

I'm so pumped; The Half-Chad I won on Twitter arrived in the mail today!
by alpinedigital July 09, 2011
verb: falling short of expected results. failing to succeed. underachieving.
He was never going to win because he's been kurting through the whole event.

You can't succeed if you keep kurting in performance.

Kurting or backsliding through the race won't get you the checkers.
by alpinedigital January 12, 2011

1. Harassing or insulting someone's dialog based on technically incorrect wording or context.

1. A word or statement that implies use of inaccurate wording or context.
Don't tech-slam people for mis-use of a word; You know exactly what he meant!!

Here comes the troll again, tech-slamming everyone's grammer.

Tech-slam all you want, it isn't going to help you win this argument!
by alpinedigital November 28, 2010
A huge hit song by Avril Lavigne, so good in fact that pathetically raised infantile assholes are jealously announcing their hatred for her instead of silently envying her because she has a more fulfilling life than they have.

Everytime they hear Avril's song Sk8er Boi, it reminds them of what a loser they are so they resort to talking shit.

With all the money earned from the song Sk8er Boi, Avril can actually pay people to care what stupid people think about her.
by alpinedigital January 04, 2006

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