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90 definitions by allison

Stands for Pussy Spreading Nails.

Mostly found in the cosmetics section of your local Wal Mart. These nails have the faux french manicure.
Oh snap, that bitch has got some p.s.n.'s to die for!

Yeah, those cajun shrimp colored nails ain't jokin'.
by Allison January 04, 2005
A written 'hiss'.
Use instead of *hiss*, when angered, or when there is nothing else to say.
You arent coming to the party tommorow?! kcch!
by Allison January 30, 2004
Tha crunkest crib around where all tha homies chill and get throwd and pervd
Yo mayne we might as well go on down tha street to tha reck sto
by Allison September 20, 2003
a way to say hey but way cooler
"yo, man! whats up?"
by Allison September 24, 2004
sketchy + creep, a person (generally a man) who is a weirdo and usually a prick or ass
"wow, that screep over there just tried to grab my ass.."
by allison April 10, 2005
a breakdown in which you yell out many cusswords and insult someone's mother.
After I threw the toy at my brother, he had a spunism.
by Allison February 04, 2005
slang for Josh Hartnett
i.e. 'I freaking hate Fartnett'
or 'Oh, how i love that Fartnett!'
by Allison January 30, 2004