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to get ready to do something
I am fixin' to go to the store.
by Allegra March 11, 2003
The best character on the Comedy Central show, Drawn Together.
"Grapes are fun!" (From episode 1)
by Allegra May 07, 2005
Big Dyke On Campus
The BDOC was this really butch chick who went by the name "Al"
by Allegra October 06, 2003
A term used by those who don't understand the concept of dissent.
The angry woman shouted "Love it or leave it!" at the anti-war protesters, because they were making her miss Jerry Springer.
by Allegra October 06, 2003
1. A carbonated cola flavored beverage similar to "Coca-Cola"

2. A code word cokeheads use as a coverup when in public, in reference to cocaine (duh)
1. Pepsi is very good drink, especially when you're intentionally trying to vomit.

2. Dude, I scored some Pepsi for only thirty bucks!
by Allegra September 04, 2003
one of the best rookies in the nba. he is a legend for doing all of the stuff he did. everyone who is dissing him is jealous becuase they cannot be as great as king james
lebron james is the best player for the cavs. he deserves his awards
by allegra June 17, 2004

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