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A noise made during sex, usually when someone is getting oral sex
I like it when I Touch 'er cuz she moans in the bed
by Alissa February 01, 2004
Another word for puke or vomit.
When I seen her face Saturday, I about harfed.
by Alissa August 21, 2003
Usually another word for fornication.
I want nothing to do with him but we boinked hard.
by Alissa August 21, 2003
The phrase 'hamhobbles in a knobbywocket' is British, and it's mainly said in an INCREDIBLY high-pitched crappy British accent. It's usually said like the phrase 'don't get your panties in a bunch', except British-ized. It could mean anything.
a) Argh, i'm in a scuzz, cheerio mate!
Righto, don't get your hamhobbles in a knobbywocket.

b)Hey, what's up?

c) I'm pregnant.
Well, hamhobble my fucking knobbywockets!
by Alissa January 01, 2005
The most cool guy on the planet, the bomb diggidiest sexy boy of the universe ^__^
by Alissa March 07, 2003
A phrase used in place of vomiting.
She got so drunk, she was feeding the cats all night.
by Alissa August 21, 2003
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