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the desire of having an adventure abroad to meditate, reflect, eat out, or find one's self after watching the movie EAT PRAY LOVE
jam had an eat pray love affair and now wants to go india to recover after their breakup.
by alexmanuel October 17, 2010
an innocent or friendly kiss that gives you an erection at the most inappropriate places.
Jam is too shy to stand up because her cousin's girlfriend just gave her a tenting kiss.
by alexmanuel October 17, 2010
you thought was a dinosaur when you were in grade school when your teacher asked you to bring a dictionary and a thesaurus.
my 8 year old nephew, jam, asked his mom if thesaurus x are still alive these days because his teacher asked them to bring one to school.
by alexmanuel October 17, 2010
when your girlfriend/boyfriend is about to leave, you'll say, be safe or be careful when in fact all you wanna say is FORGET EVERYTHING ELSE, PLEASE STAY!
he was about to go to baguio but his girlfriend looked lethargic because she was in a lovestuck
by alexmanuel October 17, 2010

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