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lovestuck n.: to be stuck in love when you don't wish to be. you can't get them out of your mind, when you know they shouldn't be. as hard as you try, you have feeligs for them and they make you smile.

see lovestruck, in love, crush.
boy 1: dude, i'm lovestuck. i can't like jessica, but i know i do!
boy 2: maaaan. you know she's off limits!

girl 1: sally, i'm lovestuck. he's all i can think about!
girl 2: ohmygee! he's dating becky though!
by sophapoox33 May 13, 2009
when your girlfriend/boyfriend is about to leave, you'll say, be safe or be careful when in fact all you wanna say is FORGET EVERYTHING ELSE, PLEASE STAY!
he was about to go to baguio but his girlfriend looked lethargic because she was in a lovestuck
by alexmanuel October 17, 2010
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