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When two lesbians get together for some action and rub their vagina's together. IE: The lady's clams have a good old tussle
by Aldo May 28, 2003
The creator of gaiaonline, the One, also known as the best, the coolest, the L337est, the sweetest and the restless. Please send him your moneys, so he can eat something else than ramen
-] OMG, fucking fix gaia, you dumbass admins!11!111!11oneoneelventyonepineapple!11
tenthousandothers] OMGSTFU, dipshit!
by Aldo September 13, 2004
fucking laughting my ass off

used to descripe that you are laughting real hard. No one knows when Sephirotgal started to use it, but we fear she got it from ragnarok online. Anyway, dont put me down for making up things, it is actually used.
*Cloud Tribal falls in pit*
Sephirotgal: FLMAO!
by Aldo September 13, 2004
adj.- used in the context of a party or social event. One who is so intoxicated that they have lost the ability to get up off the couch.
"Dude, you are so COUCHED!"
by Aldo February 05, 2005
What a wannabe calls their shit in attempt to avoid being trailer trash.
One step above a trailer park
If it isn't a Ranch, Farm or Lot, it's an acreage and owned by Rednecks.
The whore lived on an acreage just on the edge of town.
by Aldo February 03, 2003
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