13 definitions by albert einstein

The rare circumstances in which a person is ultra hot and at the same time ultra cool. The word was created as a descriptive word for the two most neutralized people ever: Katie Hott and Gabe Greenberg
"She is so neutralized!"
by Albert Einstein November 25, 2004
1. A member of the opposite sex
2. A person you are paired with
1. Oh, yea, I fucked her the other day..

2. Aw fuck, that faggot is my partner..
by Albert Einstein August 29, 2003
tetarded = crustated = queen = hannah
you are tetarded you mother fucker
by Albert Einstein February 06, 2005
See jazzrule.
stfu nob!
by Albert Einstein November 13, 2003
tentacles! tentacles! everywhere!!!!!
klump is an automatic lesbian with large tentacles.
by albert einstein February 06, 2003
Eats chicken to look like Moskva-Marit. Smokes old gym socks. The mullet-meister.
Thomsing has a mullet.
by albert einstein February 06, 2003

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