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another term (less vulgar) for cunt
i like to growl your gouse; i would like to pound her gouse til she quiefs; my gouse is itchy;
by Alanna June 15, 2006
Soraya, better known as lulu rahui, is one of the three rahui horis (theres lulu, gobbins and wodka) from cordial. Her favourite hobbie artuking and being a pop-up boonga. She also likes to dance on the side of the road in various costumes such as a japanese kimono, scream mask etc in the style of a goblin. She owns 3 sniper rifles and she likes to steal cop cars and gumball machine and playing the piano when she is drunk or high or both. Lulu, i salute you
You goin through hori town? betta watch for lulu rahui. shes a pop-up boonga ya'll betta watch yo back
by Alanna February 11, 2005
A mamal originating from South Australia which is often violent and may even attack young, defenseless brunettes without warning or reason.
Seele kept trying to slap Alanna's ass and rape Soph, his imaginairy prostitute
by Alanna March 28, 2003
*The act of ramming your pole in someone elses hole...*
*Lets Joust! Ram your pole in my hole!*
by Alanna January 28, 2004
meanz the same thing as fool.
"that was my coke, you fucking loof."
by alanna January 19, 2005
Origin: OU

Creator: The same person who dubbed "Al-Katie?"

Meaning: dude. ish.
Used in a sentance: "Ish."
by Alanna March 31, 2005
Heaven - god on a stick.
The members from ERHS's j-club fought over the last box of strawberry pocky.
by Alanna March 29, 2003
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