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Portmanteau, probably of TWist and jERK.

In addition to the Miley Cyrus-type vigorous dancing, to manhandle or break by rough use.
"The plaintiff is suing for $2,000 because the towing service twerked the steering column so hard trying to get the car into neutral that it broke."

(The People's Court -- Nondancing example of word twerk).
by al-in-chgo February 19, 2014
Vital to any Men's Room. On the wall are the urinals to pee in; inside the stalls are the arsenals to put one's arse upon.

"If you need to do more than just piss, go inside that little cubicle where there's an arsenal waiting for you."
by al-in-chgo March 01, 2010
An erect penis that is beyond large, beyond thick, beyond long, beyond extra-long, and which stuns the (lucky?) looker-on. Unusual shapes figure into the formula too, such as a very long thick shaft with a very small glans (head). The judgment as to whether a penis is a freak of nature is somewhat subjective, although there's a consensus that a true freak of nature doesn't look quite normal, no matter how impressive it may be.
"I saw an Al Parker movie once. Man, was he a freak of nature!"

"Yeah, I could never reconcile that size dick with that size body. But even though Parker was huge, he wasn't freak-of-nature huge by size alone. He was rather small in body, and it's the discrepancy between Al and Al's erection that made him look rather, um, unworldly."

by al-in-chgo April 29, 2010
person who gives messy head (knob=head of penis; slob=messy, untidy).

See also knob slobber.
Erotic magazine advertisement, ca. 2004: "You can go from knob slob to blow job champ (by buying this book) . . . "
by al-in-chgo June 16, 2011
Harry (or "Hairy") Homo was a mean way to refer to the late Perry Como, a talented singer who was none of those things.

"Karen! Come quick! The Harry Homo hour is just starting!"

by al-in-chgo March 19, 2010
1) The curious process of historical revision whereby a former Olympian can reveal, retroactively, that s/he spent forty years severely questioning his/her own sexual identity, while all the time taking great pains not to allow said sexually ambiguous thoughts to pass into the media.

2) A bipedal hominid who is in no sense of the word a mensch, who has not made a career of M-T-F but still hasn't the guts to cut off his wang and have it splayed open into a plastic pussy; a publicity-grubbing status-seeker and sexual hypocrite.

3) the result of a sex-change operation not to be confused with normal, healthy transsexuals, who has been so corrupted by Hollywood value that s/he thinks that Americans will swallow 40 years of bullcrap just for a photo cover spread and charm offensive.
"Oh, God, there she is again. All OVER the media."

"I wonder if the cereal company will give me back what I paid for my Wheaties box back when she was still a he?"

"It's a very de-Jenner-ate situation."
by al-in-chgo June 08, 2015

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