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A general from China's Three Kingdoms Period. Most notable of his service to Liu Bei.

What impress me the most was he still took part in Zhuga Liang's northern campaign at 70 year old! he was eager to proof his is not old; he cut down the enemy generals and score a victory. later his aggressive almost cause his troop to be cut off from the main army, lucky Zhuge Liang foreseen the danger and support reaches him in time...
"I thought of brave old people, of Zhao Zilong,
Who, in spite of numbered years three scores and ten,
Was marvelous strong in battle; who one day
Slew four opposing generals, as great as
When at Dangyang he had saved his lord."
Zhao Zilong Slays Five Generals;
Zhuge Liang Takes Three Cities.
- ROTK chapter 92
by akinkhoo April 28, 2005
founder the Shu Kingdom in China's Three Kingdoms period. A relative of the Emperor of Han; refer to Liu Bei as "wang shun" (royal uncle).
Liu Bei borrows Jing Zhou, never to returned. (refering to territories bordering Wu Kingdom)
by akinkhoo April 28, 2005
An island off the coast of china. currently under the control of Republic of China, Taiwan. It lost it seat in the United Nation to the People's Republic of China; has no 'official' state relation with major countries(including USA) but in reality, almost every country has normalize tie with taiwan.

both china and taiwan are known to "buy" support for their cause from other countries with trade deals.

once regarded as one of the "asian tiger", it's tension with China causes foreign investor to fear over long term stablize and had somewhat pamper it's growth. Taiwan is well known as a producer of electronic; with major competitors come from China Proper and South Korea.

all the politic aside, Taiwan is a beautiful island of natural landscape.

It also used to be the midpoint for flight between Asean and USA, but newer planes make it possible to fly straight.
Taiwan remain a hotspot in Asia. It would be to the best interest of every country, that status quo is maintain.
by akinkhoo April 28, 2005

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