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One of the greatest handheld systems of all time. It makes sense, as it's essentially a remake of the Last Great Game System.

Had one of the most expansive game libraries of all time, as it could play most other Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. Reasons to buy this system or its successor, the GBA SP, include but are not limited to: Castlevania COTM, most of the Final Fantasy games, the Pokemon series, and the Legend of Zelda series.

Those unlucky few who fail to realize that the SNES lives on in the GBA and later the DS and DS Lite are doomed to waste money on games and systems that focus so much on graphics over gameplay that they'll be playing episodes of Friends while the true gamers like us will be playing the games that made and continue to make history.
Game Boy Advance, we salute you.
by aka_Pyro May 05, 2007
A famous video game console created by Sony. Well-known for its many, many 3rd party games. This relatively free and unrestricted competition of publishers and developers accompanied by a lack of serious 1st party support has earned this system a reputation synonymous with capitalism.
Most of the games for the PS2 are not produced by Sony. And there are more well-reviewed 3rd party games than 1st party games.
by aka_Pyro May 12, 2008
To all those who have written or heard negatively about the BSA as a whole, NOT ALL participants in the Scouting Movement are: bigoted, right-wing, pro-life, vindictive, scum-sucking bastards. Although there are a few members that accurately fit some or all of the above descriptors, the REAL scouts actually adhere to most of the ideals represented by the Scout Oath and Law.

You may have heard that the entire BSA openly discriminates against people for there sexual orientations, religious beliefs, or lack thereof. NOT TRUE. Most troops, such as my own, are against discrimination. See also: Scout Oath.

An organization dedicated to providing fundamental life-skills and leadership training for young men and women. Membership requires dedication, honor, and character.

Neil Armstrong was an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America.
The Boy Scouts of America. If the real world was like D&D, these people could be likened to a group of Paladins. Yes, that was a nerdy analogy, but at least I got the message across.
by aka_Pyro June 23, 2007
One of the best units to play a no rush game (a game where you wait 5-20 mins before attacking, in contrast to all the little babyback n00bs who zerg the crap out of you early on) with in StarCraft on Battle.net, especially when used with Arbiters, the greatest free online gaming service that has been around for more than 10 years.
person1: dudes, i'm sending Arbiters to the last base, bring the Carriers, Guardians, and Battlecruisers to the warp point!

...30 seconds later: Opponent: HOLY MOTHER OF!--*player gets crap owned out of him...
by aka_Pyro March 31, 2007
The Phonics Monkey from that one episode of South Park where Cartman misspelled CHAIR in a spelling bee. When Cartman tried to get help from the phonics monkey, it just started beating off behind its drumbset.
A consumer report included the growing number of returns of the infamous reading product, the Phonics Monkey, which just turns out to be a degenerate species of bonobo chimp.
by aka_Pyro April 01, 2007
A great game; which is ironic, because during the months before its release, Nintendo's decision to develop a next-gen Metroid game as an FPS earned the hatred of millions of fanboys, and it was the running joke on every forum. Then when the game came out, they realized it was the best thing they had ever played.
Metroid Prime + GameCube = Joy
Metroid Prime 2 + GameCube = More Joy
Metroid Prime (Hunters) + DS = PWNAGE.
by aka_Pyro May 08, 2007
In lieu of the gross oversimplification of this game provided above or below this definition, I would like to say that Final Fantasy XII, an RPG published by Square-Enix for the Sony Play Station 2, is brilliantly distinguishable from its 11+ predecessors in the Final Fantasy series by its high production values, extravagant voice acting, a plot line easily identifiable as a blatant rip-off of Star Wars yet so intricate that it's more than forgivable if you're a fan of the series.

Essentially, if you liked LucasArts' Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic series for Xbox and PC for its gameplay, then you will have nothing against FFXII's gameplay. If you liked Star Wars Episodes IV-VI for their creepy-cult-forming stories, then you will fall in love with FFXII, because 90% of what made up A New Hope great is there: the princess without a kingdom, the orphaned boy with an above-average destiny from the desert, his slightly less-important side-kick, the knight of an extinct order, the awesome pirate that men envy and women adore, and his tall, dark, and fuzzy sidekick who used to live in a realm of gigantic trees. Hell, S-E even threw in their own Cloud City, complete with a Lando-character! But he's white and has a funny accent.

Since I cannot respectably portray the plot of this game without spoiling it, I will just go to say that you will not finish this game in the time you can finish KotOR, which took approximately 40 hours, and FFXII has already eaten up 55 hours of my time, and I'm not even halfway through it.

If you played Final Fantasy X and thought the Sphere Grid was too linear in terms of character stat development, then you will probably enjoy FFXII's mode of development, the License Board, in which you have total control of your character's spell development, weapons and armor that he or she can equip, and even which 2 of the 12 total Espers in the game that they can summon.

If you played FFX and thought that the Overdrives were over the top, then you haven't mopped the floor with the faces of boss characters until you've made use of the Quickening system. In contrast to the other games in the series, where each character has a few unique, super powerful attacks that they are able to use one at a time after they've charged their gauge, FFXII gives each character 3 fully offensive attacks that can be CHAINED together with the Quickenings from two other party members for a powerful combo capable of felling bosses before they can lay a hand on you. But, there's a couple of caveats: one, the MP gauge, also known as your Mist Gauge, is shared by both your magic AND your Quickenings, and two, it's also your Summoning gauge. So, you can't summon a monster, perform magic powerful magic, and then unload some serious pain with a Mist Chain without using some ethers or elixirs (if you have only one Quickening unlocked, that is). But, on the plus side, each Quickening you acquire on the License board will give you 100% more Mist at your disposal, so technically, you CAN do all three MP related actions if you have acquired all 3 Quickenings for your character.

If you liked being able to set behaviors in the KotOR series for your party members, in FFXII, you can fully automate your characters that you aren't directly controlling through the use of fully customizable instructions for them to follow, called Gambits. Of course, due to the nature of the Gambits, it takes a bit of practice to remember to check and re-customize these gambits for each area you visit or each enemy you fight, because you don't want your characters to be sitting around casting Shell on each other when you're being ravaged by melee fighters, or sitting around casting any magic when you want to save their Mist Charges for Quickenings and Summons.

For full reviews of the game, try a site like GameSpy, or IGN.
Final Fantasy XII scored well according to many respected reviewers. I like it better than FFX, personally. Square-Enix has outdone themselves in this PS2 classic.
by aka_Pyro November 03, 2007

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