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British slang term referring to a male. It is a stereotype of a male - the 'man's man'.
I met a bloke in the pub who give me a great tip for the gee gees.
by aj phythian January 17, 2004
British slang for horses. Used in particular in betting terms.
I won five hundred quid on the gee gees yesterday.
by aj phythian January 17, 2004
British slang - verb phrase.
To irritate.
You're really pecking my head.
by aj phythian January 17, 2004
media manipulation is the use of omission, exaggeration or repetition to make a 'news' story something it is not.

Often used to promote a particular ideology or fashionable concept.
The staging of the toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue in Baghdad was a classic case of media manipulation. Pictures of this non-event were broadcast globally and repeatedly to give the impression of a massive demo when in fact there were only around 150 people present.
by aj phythian January 16, 2004

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