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An event that happens at heavy metal gigs. Basicall before a particully heavy song (or even during a song before a heavy part) the croud will be split up:
1)either into a big circle with nobody in the centre
2) or into two colums with an approximately 10 metre gap in the middle

then when the heavy part starts(usually promted by a count down) the cround run at each other.
The most popular wall of death songs are "black label" and Laid to rest" by lamb of god
before we went to see kerrang 25 i was kidding when i said "wouldnt it be cool if they did a wall of death?"
I was really supprised when aiden did one before their the song "I set my friends on fire"
by afi_al January 19, 2006
A hairy mythical creature that hangs out in dense forests foggy areas and areas that are just out of the cameras focus.
john said he saw big foot in the carpark
its foggy so it must be true!
by afi_al January 17, 2006
a device that uses magic power to heat food up. they often make a beeping noise when they are finished working there magic
I though i had a well bred microwave , then it goes and uses lanuage like that. how rude!
by afi_al January 19, 2006
the act in which a cat is used as a machine gun
I wouldnt mess with that guy hes got a rapid fire cat
by afi_al January 08, 2006
the answer to the riddle:"lives in a lake and creates hot water" a kettlefish
john: yo sick guy check out moi pimped car yo nigga
dave: hey retard check out my kettlefish!
*john dies*
by afi_al January 17, 2006
A magical device that can transform water into a nice tasting drink.
i saw a cat with a teapot on its head attacking helicopters
by afi_al January 08, 2006
a 2 wheeled death trap
saw a car in half and you get two motorbike 's
by afi_al January 08, 2006
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