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When you start masturbating, call from your bedroom to a parent and try to cum before they make it upstairs.
10 seconds later..
Mum: Oh my god why did you call me here?!
Boy: i failed at the speed wank.
by Adventchild November 12, 2009
Means Whats Up and How You Doing
Wassabi is a conversation opener on MSN
by adventchild December 09, 2005
For someone to drown
If You Can't Swim, Your Sure To Drizown
by AdventChild August 10, 2006
Old form of rock and roll, black version of rock n roll that has evolved into something crap.
Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers is an old group that sounded RnB
by Adventchild March 01, 2006
Shit band who dont sound anything like punk and have obsessive 14 year old girls for fans.
Billie-Jo is a wanker from Green Day.
by Adventchild March 01, 2006

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