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4 definitions by adiens

When someone (or you) don't feel like eating, but you force them to anyway. Essentially raping with food.
Person A: I'm so depressed I can't even look at food.

Person B: You have to eat. Don't make me food rape you.
by adiens August 02, 2012
A battle that is such an epic loss on both sides that the word "defeat" just isn't enough.
Arguing on the internet is a victoriouslessness battle.
by Adiens July 24, 2012
A hug from a girl one with particularly large breasts.
Boy: Can I get a hug?

Girl: Sure!

*boob squish*
by Adiens December 06, 2011
Cum more particularly from male's ejaculation.
Guy: I love it when my girl swallows my fun paste.
by Adiens September 03, 2011