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5 definitions by adcadc

An item that is used in jail or prison. Take an ordinary sock, insert a plastic baggy into the sock, fill the baggy with vaseline, then use it to whack the shit out of your pud. When thru, discard the whole thing. Told to me by an ex-jailbird.
Guy 1. "When was the last time you had some good sockpussy?
Guy 2. "Last night!!"
by adcadc April 22, 2008
The pussy on a skank stupid.
Man I wouldn't touch her skank pussy if you paid me.
by adcadc April 28, 2008
Anything on a twat(pussy) that should not be there.
Go to the bathroom and clean that twatshit off. Then I'll fuck you.
by adcadc April 22, 2008
The sound Janelle's pussy makes when getting fucked.
Richard. "What's that funny sound I hear?"

Janelle. "Don't worry, thats just my pussy going (Whhooo)."
by adcadc May 02, 2008
A person who hasn't had any pussy in a long time.
"I sure feel sorry for ol George. He's been snatchless so long his dick is going to fall off."
by adcadc April 22, 2008